Monday, April 29, 2013

Romans with Douglas Moo's commentary, Introduction (day 10 of 14)

(pp. 24-26)

   It's wonderful to take Christ, as Moo does, as the "theological starting point" of Romans.  His twofold reason is not only the content of Romans, including the beginning verses, but also the fact that the Roman Christians could start there too.  This is actually more helpful than a jaded reader might initially think.  What if a commentator had taken "Existence" as a starting point?
   Similarly, it's helpful to take "salvation history" as a framework for what Paul says in Romans, what Moo does.  In a little, after reminding us of the possible vagueness of words like the "center" of Paul's theology, and even the word "theme," as assumptive without reason of only one theme, he'll get to his candidate.
   The many far-reaching theological statements on p. 26 sound like conclusions to be considered after reading the letter, and so, with Cranfield's proper warning we noticed earlier, I think they should be just "duly noted" for now.

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