Monday, April 15, 2013

Romans with Douglas Moo's commentary, Introduction (day 6 of 14)

(pp. 14-15)

   Cranfield in the first few pages of his introduction to his commentary on Romans cautions against making conclusions for the reader, before the reader has gone through the book with him.  The caution is well-taken, and here we should read our author with a grain of salt, remembering that he has gone through his research, and is ever-so-tempted by thrill of discovery perhaps, to blurt things out.  "The relationship between Jew and Gentile, law and gospel" indeed!

   What else, besides adding to this list, or taking away from it, and substituting other things to it, can a comment on the nature of the book do?  Well, it depends on what the book is about.  Is Romans about ... concepts?  The relationship between Jew and Gentile, and the relationship between law and gospel are, both ... concepts!

   To the extent that we think we're going to be dealing with concepts alone, we forget our personal God. 

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