Monday, April 22, 2013

Romans with Douglas Moo's commentary, Introduction (day 8 of 14)

(pp. 19-21)

   One of the benefits of these pages in which the author discusses theories of why Paul wrote Romans to the Romans, besides the fact that we get all these references to the authors who have said this and that, is the carefulness with which the author deals with others' positions.

   He's "walking on eggshells" here, trying to appeal to readers of his commentary who as scholars are aware of the need to consider what others say.  So here, professor Moo is gently showing us that positions that discount Paul's theological reasons (do they all seem to derive from the F.C. Baur writing?) are "going too far."  The last sentence on p. 21 is the best: "The legitimate desire to pin down as precisely as possible the historical background and purpose of the letter should not obscure the degree to which Romans deals with theological issues raised by the nature of God's revelation itself" (pp. 21-22).

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