Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mt 7:21-23

We make lots of mistakes about Mt 7:21-23

First, we think of doing the will of the Father as doing what's right, what's commonly regarded as ethically good. Not so. It is doing the specific will of God. It is the carrying out of the King's bidding. Those whom the King sends to do His will are not aware ahead of time what He will ask them to do. This is shown by the rest of the saying: the point is He never knew them. They didn't do His will, and they were evildoers no matter what they ethically, for TWO reasons: first, because He never knew them, and second, they said they were doing everything they did -- in His name! We've forgotten what it means to do something in the King's name. We're not monarchical enough in our thinking, although we remember stories about kingdoms. To do something in the King's name is to do it under His bidding! But He never knew them! The King sends those He knows to do His bidding. Those who claim His name for what they were doing, whom He never knew -- evildoers!