Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Year: Josh 21-24 for Mar 10

The book of Joshua ends on a relative high note (24:31). It describes the cup as full, for a cup of that size.

The last two chapters of Joshua are a tremendous wrap up of the history from Gen 11:24 on. There had been very little about the patriarchs until here in Joshua 24:2-4.

Not only are these chapters a wrap up of the general history until the time of the death of Joshua's leaders (24:31), but there are resolutions and important details filled in, about particulars: 1) Balaam! Joshua 24:10 resolves what was going on in Numbers 22-24, because of which it seemed so odd, when reading Joshua 13:22, that the story would end that way! Finally we can better understand 2 Peter 2:15; 2) the witness of the Law! (cf. Gal 3:13) -- here, at the end of the time of Joshua with the nation, Joshua describes a dual function of the Law among the Israelites: it serves as a witness against them, and it serves as a deterrent to prevent them from denying God (24:27).

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