Monday, January 17, 2011

New Year: Ex 4-6 for Jan 17

When the results are not forthcoming for Moses in Ex 6:9, we can't say that he didn't anticipate the difficulty in the attempt (4:1), and express himself freely to God about the difficulty.

God Himself predicted this; He also furnished helps for Moses: a) signs (4:2-9). The first problem is that the signs fail to convince Moses to use the signs, or do anything (4:13). God accomodates Moses by bringing in b) Moses' older brother's help. There is some irony in the use of this accomodation, since Moses becomes convinced by the promise of a family member's help, after the help of miracles does not do it. After a direct promise does not do it (4:12).

There is another implied miracle in the narrative. Moses is still in Midian. Aaron is back in Egypt. God tells Moses three things about Aaron. First, that Aaron is a good speaker. Second, "behold, he is coming out to meet you." Moses hadn't even gotten on-board with this yet, and Aaron is coming toward Midian (4:19)! Thirdly, something that is just slipped in almost under the radar: Aaron, God says, "when he sees you, he will be glad in his heart" (4:14). So Moses finally gets off the schneid.

That could have been the problem all along. God Himself may appear to you! God Himself may promise you! God Himself may give you signs that would convince Bertrand Russell! But if those you love have rejected you, as far as you know, you may not get going.

God may be merciful to you and get you going, yet He will also teach you the pre-eminence of Himself -- watch for Him to (4:24-26)! -- along the way.

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