Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Year: Ex 13-15 for Jan 20

You can tell if you're in step with Exodus pretty simply by this point: 1) can you sing Exodus 15? (or, to be kinder, could you sing it if you could sing?) or 2) could you attend, at least, Ex 15:20-21?

There are plenty of events/topics to discuss in these three chapters. Where to start? In the previous chapter, Exodus 12, we read something that really hasn't been touched on since the beginning of the Bible. It's all well and good to be against something: the world (Gen 6-8); the tower of Babel (Gen 11); Pharaoh's holding the Egyptians in servitude (Ex 1-12); but NOW, that we are a group ... what are we headed for, when there's nothing against us in sight? What are we supposed to be about, and doing?

Answer 1: go where you're supposed to. In this case, follow the pillar and the cloud.

Answer 2: do what you're supposed to. Ex 12:14-27, for example, teaching yourselves and your children an object lesson based on learning the history that has happened.

Answer 2, to me, is amazing. Well, they both are amazing. Answer 1: At the beginning of their independence, the Israelites had clear guidance of supernatural origin. Answer 2: this is the difference between this religion and all forms of a do-it-yourself religion: the religion that we "do," whatever it is, must be in appropriate response to what has been done (that we didn't do, God did).

Answer 3: Remind yourself what's happened, in case you forget, or conveniently forget, the great beginning, how you got here.

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