Monday, September 12, 2016

Psalm 71

It's becoming more common nowadays to not only read something for yourself, but read it for the next person behind you.  Let's read it for the next reader's read, like the custom where you "pay behind" for the next persons's coffee in some coffee shops.

A.  Next reader: maybe someone in a youth group, junior-high age or so.

Opening Questions Samples...

1.  If you really need your friend to do something for you, how do you approach them?  What do you use with various people: your best friend, for example.  What if you're desperate?  Do you let that on?

2.  If someone got you out of a big jam yesterday, and if you have a chance to talk about them, do you?  What if you conclude, that it must have been God?  Would that stop you from saying something?

"While You're Reading it" comments

1.  [after 71:2] Can you think of something you've seen, that starts with a scene where someone is in danger, and needs to be rescued? 

2.  [after 71:11] Have you ever seen someone in real trouble, dangerous trouble, in real life?  Did they have someone to help?

3.  [after 71:16] Suppose you have thanked someone for their help.  Have you ever wanted to tell someone else, or were you too embarrassed?

B.  Next reader: a sermon audience, with you "preaching"....

Opening Questions Samples

1.  If, in your personal life, you say something under your breath, and it starts with "O God..." what often comes after that? 

2.  What's harder for you to express?  Your troubles, or your escapes from trouble?  Do you do either one?

"After you've read it" comments

1.  The famous number about our minds is "7."  Plus or minus, 2.  It's really hard to keep more than that many things in our heads, at once.  Look how this Psalm is divided: 6 paragraphs, in the ESV!  That helps!

2.  This Psalm sure ends differently than it starts.  It's almost like a movie synopsis, and the first part is the trailer, and it's an action movie.  Hope you like real-life action movies!

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