Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Isaiah 32

(Had to take up some blogging again, so bear with me in where I'm reading in the Scriptures, if you can.  In this case, reading the book of Isaiah, spreading it out through a year starting Jan. 1, you'd finish Isaiah 32 by June 26 or thereabouts.  Maybe the second half of this year will show more consistent blogging on my part.  Lord bless!)

Something, certainly must be expressed after reading Isaiah 32.  The NASB95 translators supply a title to the chapter, "The Glorious Future."  Please read it yourselves, and if you want, I can prep my comments with some exploratory questions....

1.  Who are / will be "the princes" of verse 1, who "each will be" these great things in verse 2?

2.  Is there a complexity in the thought of 32:3 that bothers you?  namely, if a group consists of "those who see" why is it that the verse predicts a time that they will not be blinded?  and if a group consists of "those who hear" how can it be that the future will be a time that they will listen?

Does this not imply that there will have been a time, prior to Is 32:3's time of fulfillment, that there are those who see, who actually were blinded, and correspondingly, prior to Is 32:3's time of fulfillment, a similar time in which those who hear did not listen?  Having a capability, versus the actually successful use of it coming later? 

3.  If 32:4-5 is also prediction, and no doubt it is from this context, then doesn't the author go on to describe further anomalies from the past that will no longer be the case, in saying "no longer" in 32:5?

4.  The completion of the thought started in 32:1 is 32:6-8, since 32:9 starts with a new exhortation for a specific group in the very-much-present of Isaiah's time.  How is it that 32:6-8 is still predictive?  Isn't it describing what Isaiah sees that future to be?

5.  Nowadays, it is often true that the fool is "called noble"  (32:5).  And the rogue spoken of as "generous" (32:5).   But 32:6-8 shows them as displaying what they really are.  This, in the context of a prediction, is capped by the success of the noble person.  What a great future prediction this is!  Does it fit in our eschatology?

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