Wednesday, November 02, 2011

New Year: Luke 6-7 for Oct 30

The forcefulness of Christ's personality is more evident in Luke 6-7 as it unfolds.

(Matt 12:1-21 and Mark 2:23 - 3:12 are in the same time sequence as Luke 6-7 when we read them synoptically.)

We see the forcefulness of Christ in His categorical and summary statements, such as 6:5, 6:46, 7:22-23, and 7:48. He even directly demonstrates to John's disciples what kind of thing could answer their question, on the spot (7:21).

Already, early on in the ministry of Christ here in Luke, there are two occasions when the reaction of a group is "rage" (4:28) or even rage/folly (6:11), that of plotting to do something to Jesus (6:11). Christ's actions are in turn very direct and astounding. There is so little reason that the raising of the widow of Nain's son is so little known (7:11-17), but it was well-known then (7:17).

Christ is forceful in His comments not only about Himself, but about what His disciples, in their position (6:20ff.), should be like (e.g. 6:35-38).

There is a no-nonsense tone in the preaching of Jesus, that we should not miss: 7:35 makes that point didactically. Verses like 7:47-48 illustrate it.

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