Saturday, November 05, 2011

New Year: Luke 12-13 for Nov 2

In these teaching chapters of Luke it should be impossible to read Luke 12-13, without dealing with many different priorities of life.

Priorities of body and soul (12:4-5); of what others know versus what you know (12:2-3); of being rich in one thing or another (12:21,33); of what to chase (12:31); of what to listen for (12:36), get ready for (12:47); of what to negotiate for (12:48).

Then, since there are other agents doing things in this world around us, of most concern God Himself, not everything has to be about what we have on our plate. Sometimes that's a relief, even if He makes things urgent for us (13:24). But His pace is also steady (13:18-21).

As far as opposition, we can oppose it a) knowing our value, so as not to fear (12:6-7); b) without being surprised by it, but c) having a road already laid out for us against it, d) upon which we're on, and upon which we'll reach our goal (13:32).

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