Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Michael Horton's "The Christian Faith" (days 1-5)

Highlights of the Introduction (I.A-D), pp. 13-24...

Horton comes from the prolegomena side, not jumping right in to "doctrines" or "topics" as Grudem 1994 does.  He contrasts his view of systematic theology with that of those who use it to "transpose the Christian story into symbols of supposedly higher truths" (p. 17).  Those "higher truths" suffer many problems, one being that they are arrogant in their "masquerading as a purely rational description" (p. 16) and another, that there have been many very time-bound "values, expectations, and convictions" (p. 16) that have claimed to be universal, but aren't.

Instead of timeless higher truths, Horton places the effort of systematic theology on a different foundation, that of "a particular narrative of creation, fall redemption, and consummation" (p. 16).  "The heart of the Christian narrative, however, is the gospel -- the good news concerning God's saving love and mercy in Jesus Christ.  It is the story that interprets all other stories, and the lead character is Lord over all other lords." (pp. 17-18).

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