Saturday, January 02, 2010

Moo Commentary on Romans (pp. 1-8)

Let's say then that our Romans "class" using Moo's commentary on Romans will proceed at appx. 3 pp./day (appx. 18 pp./week), and various posts about it will be on this blog and other places.

The first two days (pp. 1-8) are interesting. Moo develops the interesting theory that Romans was written to heal a social and theological rift in the church between Jewish and Gentile factions. At least, he introduces it. He doesn't mention the "debate" swirling now, because it was just starting to swirl then, about 1996. However, Wright and Sanders' names appear in his index of authors, and he is aware of this and that detail of their views. How totally unanticipated (!) that Moo would come up with an "occasion" for Romans that meshes so easily with the "debate!"

Also, the attribution of the existence of possibly shorter versions of Romans, minus chs. 15-16, to Marcion, saying that it has too many "Jewish" elements for him, is fascinating, even if a common and ancient idea. And here, I thought Rm 15-16 were just uninteresting cool-down type comments and greetings! Now I have to read them again! Maybe tonight!

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