Friday, October 09, 2009

1 Th 2

1 Th 2:12. Two days ago was a discussion about nuances. In this passage, there is another phrase whose different translations have "only" a nuance difference, but make a real difference in the Christian life.

Start by thinking of a to-do list for the day, say, given to you by your wife. Groceries. Check. Birthday card. Check. Live a life worthy of God. Uhhh, ...

People call this a composite obligation, an over-arching obligation, or whatever they call it: it can't be marked off today. It's like a mountain you've landed at the foot of. The best mountain climber? Still too big a step.

Here's where the nuance of a phrase (ESV, NAS) helps: "walk in a manner worthy...." Does the nuance come across to you differently? With this help, I can take a good step. With the other (NIV,RSV) I can't.

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