Monday, January 09, 2006

The Borders of Judaea and beyond the Jordan

In this section we catch up with the non-Lucan portion of the journey to Jerusalem, which Luke then joins with intermittently through the beginning of the next section, Jan 17 at Jericho. Then Luke concludes the journey in that same section, the last of the eleven sections on the journey.

Jan 7 Mt 19:1-2//Mk 10:1 (cf. Lk 9:51)

Jan 8 review

Jan 9 Mt 19:3-12//Mk 10:2-12

Jan 10 Mt 19:13-15//Mk 10:13-16//Lk 18:15-17

Jan 11 Mt 19:16-22//Mk 10:17-22//Lk 18:18-23

Jan 12 review

Jan 13 Mt 19:23-20:16//Mk 10:23-31//Lk 18:24-30

Jan 14 Mt 20:17-19//Mk 10:32-34//Lk 18:31-34

Jan 15 Mt 20:20-28//Mk 10:35-45

Jan 16 review

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